Thank you for your interest in our Poverty Proofing the School Day online training.



The online training will cover:

  • Child poverty definition

  • Causes of poverty and its consequences

  • Impact of poverty within schools

  • Poverty Proofing the School day process




Due to the current situation, we would like to offer school staff in the UK the opportunity to complete our online Poverty Proofing training at a reduced rate of £30 instead of the usual £50 for individuals or £300 for multiple staff. To view our training options, please go to our Plans & Pricing page.

Please note: If  you would like further information about Poverty Proofing the School Day please visit http://www.povertyproofing.co.uk/ or get in touch with us by emailing luke.bramhall@children-ne.org.uk.

Contact us: luke.bramhall@children-ne.org.uk

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